Challenges with Current Asset Performance Management

and Process Safety Management Software

Many facilities within highly regulated industries, use multiple tools to manage only some asset types, and still cannot standardize the inspection process to produce reports.

Inspections are necessary to comply with regulations–you would often use asset performance management software.

Inspections must be well-documented and provide a precise view of the facility.

Some companies try to use spreadsheets or older asset management systems that are grossly incomplete.

Unfortunately, companies often make the following mistakes…

Process Safety Management Software

AXIS is the most standardised Asset Performance Management Software and Process Safety Management software for high hazard industries.

It has the most asset type capability, standardized work management, includes integrated critical assessments, offer real-time facility condition and health – all at a price within reach.

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Trying to use too many or the wrong tools

Many use spreadsheets that don’t integrate, and you have an incomplete picture of facility conditions. Some don’t manage all your assets–so back to spreadsheets!

Don’t have a standardised inspection process

Many systems only list the item to be inspected, without providing a standard list of items to consider or a standard rating scale.

Most only create static dashboards

Many alternatives only generate static, non-integrated dashboard reports, versus a dynamic dashboard that can tell you status and possible problems in real-time.

Lack critical assessments

Many lack corrosion under insulation (CUI) and other critical non-intrusive inspection (NII) elements or require expensive add-ons for common assessments.

Most asset performance management software are
WAY too pricey!

Many software tools are embarrassingly expensive with additional ongoing costs and add ons, or require you pay for features you won’t even use.


How do you manage all your critical assets, have a standardized inspection process, plus have the ability to assess your facility in real-time (even between formal inspections)… all at a price within reach?

Perhaps you should consider…

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