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Frequently Asked Question

What is the software platform for AXIS?

AXIS is web-based software that does not require installation. It requires users to have internet connection to access the software and database. Connection to AXIS is secured and encrypted.

How secure is AXIS?

  • Security is built in using access control and authentication ensuring data is protected.
  • User access to the database uses a secured and encrypted connection.
  • Access to AXIS database is determined according to the facility and user levels.
  • Each user level has its own user right (customizable) so users with insufficient level will not be able to see and/or add/modify information.
  • Changes to information are logged showing user details, previous values and the reason for change using audit trails.
  • The database is backed up daily.

Is it easy to transfer from my current software to AXIS?

Most data can be transferred, depending on your prior system. Please contact us directly for a quote.

Does AXIS have a tablet application for field inspectors?

AXIS software can be accessed via the cloud from a computer or mobile devices such as tablet and mobile phones. There is also an Android application that can compile the field data, then sync back to the main system when the Internet is available.

Is AXIS compatible with other software?

AXIS can be accessed using any popular web browser, e.g. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, or Apple Safari. You can upload MS Word, MS Excel, Adobe PDF, etc. You can also upload drawings and photos in any popular formats.

Can I integrate AXIS with my existing system?

Yes, it can import and refresh data from many popular CMMS systems (e.g. SAP or Maximo) to collect/update equipment information such as notifications, maintenance plans, and work orders.

Does AXIS automatically generate work packs and inspection reports?


In AXIS, a work pack is generated based on a set of indicators (tasks) that have been set at the equipment maintenance plan. When a work order is created, the engineer must review, customize as required, and approve the work pack before the work can be executed by the inspector. Following approval, the work pack is generated automatically.

Can AXIS create asset health reports?

Yes. AXIS can automatically produce management asset health reports using the structured data stored within the database. These reports can be used to summarize the overall condition and status of the facility.

What kind of assessments are available in AXIS?

AXIS has detail assessment modules for:

  • Risk Based Inspection (RBI) – pressure equipment, tanks, and pressure relieve devices
  • Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) – pressure equipment and tanks
  • Non-Intrusive Inspection (NII) – pressure equipment


For pressure equipment and tanks, the assessment outcome provides credible damage mechanisms (including their type and susceptible areas), risk ranking, recommended inspection interval. These results can be printed into a PDF format for record, multidisciplinary review, or workshop discussion. These results automatically transfer into inspection work pack, so the inspector knows what to look for when they are performing their duty.


The CUI assessment module in AXIS is based on API 583 Corrosion Under Insulation and Fireproofing, which is a score-based assessment based on operating temperature, coating quality and age, condition of insulation/jacketing, presence of heat tracing, type of external environment, insulation type, and type of equipment. The total score from these parameters is converted into a likelihood of failure in AXIS 5×5 risk matrix. The assessment outcome provides a recommended CUI inspection interval and strategy.


The NII assessment module in AXIS is based on HOIS-RP-103 Recommended Practice for Non-Intrusive Inspection of Pressure Vessels. The hard work is done for you by converting the standard into the NII module in AXIS. By using the NII module in AXIS, you will cut the assessment cost and time (i.e. manual assessment), and you can also streamline the existing RBI assessment results into the NII assessment. The NII assessment outcomes provides whether or not the equipment is suitable for NII, the zones available, credible damage mechanisms, and recommended inspection techniques.

Will AXIS reduce my maintenance budget and how?


  • Inspection history is captured in a workable format, ready for calculation and analysis. No more long text reading to obtain the information you need.
  • Automatic work pack and inspection report generation, improving efficiency and minimizing human error. No more manual work to compile a work pack, for a recurring maintenance work. No more typing your inspection report in MS Word.
  • Through the dashboards, you can easily see the risk ranking of your safety critical equipment throughout your facility, to help you better plan and target the best bang for the bucks of your maintenance budget.
  • AXIS has RBI, CUI, and NII assessment modules. You don’t need to go use other software to perform assessment. The assessment results are streamlined so that you can import some results into another assessments, minimizing assessment time/budget while ensuring consistency. For example, you can import credible damage mechanisms from RBI results into NII assessment. You can also import consequence analysis results from RBI to CUI and NII assessments.