Features & Benefits

AXIS – Performance Management Software

Core Features & Benefits for Process Safety

Standardized Inspection Process

AXIS is uniquely designed to provide you with a standardized inspection system through configurable inspection elements, standardized asset states interface, and integrated CMMS workpack generation for your process safety management.

Embedded Critical Assessments

Other software applications only offer Risk-Based Inspections and attach other critical assessments such as Non-Intrusive Inspections and Corrosion Under Insulation as expensive add-ons. AXIS offers all three critical assessments within the system.

Real-time Anomaly Management

AXIS offers real-time capturing, prioritizing, and tracking your problems as your inspection is carried out through simultaneous data capture and visualization. This reduces the need for additional tools to manage this process.

Consolidated Dashboards

AXIS draws in critical, real-time data from inspections, assessments, notifications, and your CMMS to form interactive, unified dashboards and provides a visualization of your facilities’ real-time condition and risks.


AXIS is web-based and intuitive that allows you to access inspection data, asset information, and other critical data anytime and anywhere.

Fully Integrated

AXIS fully integrates with your CMMS, Historian, etc. Besides your critical data, AXIS includes integration and creation of workpacks, assessments, and dashboards –so you don’t have to scramble to create them.

Asset Types Managed

Standardized Workflow

AXIS ensures that inspection workflow is streamlined and easy to follow–ensuring that it isn’t a complicated process for you or your inspectors.

Inspection Maintenance Status

The software showcases inspections’ current maintenance status in real-time to  provide a clear overview of your facilities’ current maintenance status.

Configurable Asset Identifying Indicators

Specifically designed condition trackers called indicators are distinctive for each asset and are customizable. Workflow and results are simplified, allowing you to trend and analyse inspection and assessment data effortlessly.

Integrated CMMS Electronic Workpack Generation

AXIS generates an electronic CMMS integrated workpack in a few clicks, pulling all critical and historical asset data into the workpack.

Browser or Tablet Interface

View the software onsite through a mobile device with no internet connection, then syncs when back to the office or an area with connection. Allows you to take AXIS anywhere, anytime.

Standardised Asset States Interface

Quickly capture your assets’ condition in five states (No Action Required, Monitor, Action Required, Immediate Action Required, Not Applicable). This allows easy analysis and trending for decision-making and maintenance execution in your process safety management.

Automated Reporting

Easily generate inspection and assessment reports within the software to quickly show how your facility is managed within a few clicks.

Real-Time Anomaly Management

Capture, prioritize, and track your problems as your inspection is carried out through simultaneous data capture and visualization, reducing the need for additional tools to manage this process.

Assessment Tools

RBI for Pressure Equipment, Pressure Safety Valves, and Tanks

The RBI assessment module is available for pressure equipment, tanks, and pressure relieve devices. This module was based on in-house methodology and industry best practices to optimally reduce data inefficiencies and successfully anticipate field uncertainties cost effectively.

Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI)

The software showcases inspections’ current maintenance status in real-time to  provide a clear overview of your facilities’ current maintenance status for process safety.

Non-Intrusive Inspection (NII)

AXIS has a built-in Non-Intrusive Inspection assessment module that uses the industry-standard; HOIS recommended practice RP-103. The system digitizes, streamlines, and optimize this process for you.

Analytic Tools

Predictive Analysis and Forecasting

The software allows you to view a trending analysis of assets which aids in predictive analysis and forecasting for your facility.

Algorithms and Calculations

AXIS executes algorithms and calculations on asset information for critical data for consistent calculations and effective decision-making.

Condition & Health

Asset Health Monitoring

The software allows you to monitor asset health in real-time and provides alerts for effective facility health management.

Integrity Operating Windows

AXIS contains IOWs which sets limits on identifying variables that may affect integrity and reliability of an asset – ensuring the process safety of your facility.

Facility Health Manager

The system can monitor the facility’s KPI’s and generate regulatory reports.

Schedule Overview

View the facilities’ overall notifications, assessment dates, and schedules with a click of a button – ensuring process safety

Integrated Dashboards

Interactive data and graph analysis that showcases the facility’s planning, inspection, notifications, condition, risk, and performance standards in real-time.

Enterprise Integration & Support

Fully Compatible with any CMMS

Full integration with SAP, Maximo, Historians, IOT Platforms, Power BI, Digital Twin and others.

Full Assistance

Training, implementation, event, onsite, webinars, documentation, and helpline are provided at no extra cost.